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A mini showcase of new and old articles.

Numbers don't lie: New monitoring devices measure the impact of improved cookstoves

How to survive an accidental plunge off Niagara Falls

3D printers poised to take off in developing countries

The curious science of counting a crowd

Gallery: Nepal's clean-tech showcase

What's the total value of the world's sunken treasure?

Weight loss bypass surgery may muffle temptation

Do brain trainer games and software work?

A germ of an idea

Monteverde massacre stuns nation, failed bank robbery leaves 9 dead, 17 injured

Sleep disorders plague vets with head trauma or PTSD

Innards of H1N1 virus resemble 'flu sausage'

About me

I'm the Managing Editor at Engineering for Change and a freelance journalist.

I write about technology, medicine and one-offs like sunken treasure or history-changing plagues. This site is a writing portfolio and a CV.

I do most of my work with the amazing organization Engineering for Change, where I write about technology and its role in global development.

I also report on medical advances and conferences for Reuters Health.


I work from my home office in Oahu. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email, or use one of the social media links in the nav bar to the left.